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The “Raw” Look Is In!!

By Old Houses Malta | The Renovation

Renovating an old house can be quite a challenge! Buying an older property is all about layers of chipped paint, cracked walls, unfinished plastering, worn tiles and timber beams, and much more. Exposing and uncovering what’s underneath can add instant character and natural texture to a space.

All this sounds very expensive, and may be way out of your budget. But don’t stress yourself just yet! The “Raw” look is in, and it’s all about that rustic unfinished look which adds authenticity to a space, without eliminating years of history! A perfect way of cutting down renovation time and costs.

Distressed & Peeled Wallpaper


Exposed Stone Walls

We just love this raw rustic look! Or is it a little too “abandoned” looking for your taste?



Chipped Old Furniture

The “Unfinished” Kitchen

One word, practicality. A particular look which just lets you enjoy space!



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