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5 Colours That Work Surprisingly Well In Old Houses

By Old Houses Malta | The Renovation

The first things that make you fall in love with an older house are without any doubt the beautiful characteristics and original features. Maltese stone walls, timber beams, stone ceilings, traditional patterned tiles and much more. If you’re lucky enough to have a house with some time earned character or a certain quirky charm, make sure that these elements stand out! A simple coat of paint is your first step in highlighting and bringing back to life these details. To prove it, here are 5 of our favourite colour choices that bring out the best of your house’s past, present and future.

1. Greyish Blue

You can never go wrong with a touch of blue! This soft greyish blue tone adds a sense of calmness to this magnificent dining room. The right shade, together with elements of raw wood, marble flooring, and a striking steel chandelier has brought this 19th Century gem back to life!

2. Turquoise

Bold, radiant and impactful! A tricky colour in my opinion, but when used in the right ambience, with the right furniture and in the right amount, this striking shade can transform a room into a statement!

3. Mauve

It’s royal, it’s eccentric, it’s feminine! This shade of purple is a perfect mood enhancer. It works so well with dark shades of wood, and compliments the Maltese stone brilliantly. Mauve is almost like a neutral, with hints of grey that let it work with a number of colour schemes. A soothing colour that delivers gracefulness and subtlety to this luxurious dining room.

4. Sage Green

Arguably, the most soothing hue to the human eye. Green adds peacefulness to any space, ideal for bedrooms and relaxing living spaces. This shade of green compliments really well timber apertures and beams, both natural and white-washed. Perfect if you’re looking to implement a touch of or Victorian decor, with a perfect balance of gold and bronze palettes.


5. Burnt Orange

A shade that quickens the pulse and excites the eye!  A saturated colour that screams life and happiness.  Don’t let Orange scare you. This hue will add unexpected depth to a small space or make a big room seem more intimate. A perfect combination to houses of character with natural stone flooring and a rustic touch.

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